The beginnings

Auhagen was founded in 1885 as a cardboard factory.


The 1960s

Creation of handmade model railway accessories


Auhagen today

A movie about the Auhagen Open House on 4th and 5th September 2010


The Company

The history of Auhagen from 1885 to today:

Founding of the company at the current location as a cardboard factory by Heinrich Auhagen

The company is passed to the son Rudolf Auhagen, Sr.

Rudolf Auhagen, Jr., skilled painter and graphic artist returns home from war and starts finishing his own cardboard products. Moulded glass jam lids, punched Christmas tree decorations and the like as well as cardboard packaging are produced.

While building a traditional Erzgebirge Christmas town for his family, he has the idea of designing and manufacturing houses for model railways as kits. They are made completely of cardboard and paper and complemented with wooden parts.

The company continues to develop. Rudolf Auhagen, Sr. and Rudolf Auhagen, Jr. establish H. Auhagen KG. Rudolf Auhagen, Jr. assumes the position of Managing Director.

Internal tool production is established and plastic injection moulding machines are purchased in order to produce plastic injection moulds and parts internally. This allows plastic chimneys, windows and roof ridge tile strips, etc. to be added. This is referred to as a "mixed construction".

1970 – 1971
The cardboard manufacturing is liquidated. A large reconstruction and expansion building project follows. The assortment of buildings is gradually converted to fully plastic designs – in line with the trend.

Forced nationalisation of the company, which became VEB Modellspielwaren Marienberg-Hüttengrund (MAMOS – The People’s Model Toys Company).

Incorporation of VEB Modellbahn-Zubehör (formerly Scheffler) as a production segment.

The company is incorporated into the VEB VERO Olbernhau association of companies as VEB VERO, Factory 5 Marienberg-Hüttengrund.

Reprivatisation of the company Auhagen by the now 70-year-old Rudolf Auhagen Jr. (dec. 19.04.1995). The production of the established range of Auhagen model railway accessories and the cardboard packaging is continued with 13 employees.

First participation at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair and awarding of the "Model of the year 1991" with their Klingenberg-Colmnitz HO station. Readers and editors of the Eisenbahn-Magazin also voted Auhagen products as "Model of the year" in 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Rudolf Auhagen Jr. hands the company over to the 4th generation, his daughter Ute Hofmann-Auhagen.
Auhagen GmbH is founded and remains 100 percent family owned.

Extensive reconstruction and extension measures at the company's founding location.

Auhagen GmbH purchases the former VERO-Model Railway Accessories Production Company Olbernhau from the trustee, relocates it to Marienberg and gradually releases a new range of products.

20. and 21. June 1998
“1st Auhagen Open House"

1998 – 1999
The company invests in modern technology, especially in tool production and plastic injection moulding.

The company Auhagen employs 26 staff and trains a media designer and a tool maker. The company also reclaims its place as the market leader in the new German states and is the only company to manufacture a complete range of TT buildings. It is also the only model railway accessories manufacturer in the new German states and the "smallest" compared to the competition.

05. July 1999
Weather disaster in the Mittlerer Erzgebirgskreis district: approx. 300 square metres of the basement, which was being used to store material and semi-finished goods, including all technical systems such as heating, compressors, lift, fuse boxes, cooling water and service water, was completely flooded. The approx. 200 square metre adjoining building with the Auhagen shop, warehouse for trade fairs and product archive in the attic sustained so much damage that it had to be torn down. Only the product archive could be saved. Fortunately, the production site and the finished goods warehouse were unharmed.

04. October 1999
Start of construction: with the project planning and financing finished, building permission is granted!
With the 27 x 22m extension on 2 levels, we regained the lost space and made room for the further development of the company.

February 2000
Nuremberg International Toy Fair: all new releases are designed by computer for the first time and the tools processed with CNC machines.
March 2000
The construction of the shell and interior fittings has advanced so quickly that the connection to the extension now has to be built. The renovation of the interior of the building is a major accomplishment for the Auhagen employees.

26. and 27. August 2000
Success! The Auhagen premises are presentable again. About 7,000 national and international guests flocked to the "2nd Auhagen Open house". The inauguration of the extension and the reopening of the Auhagen shop as well as the company's 115th anniversary had a festival-like atmosphere.

16. September 2000
The efforts of Auhagen GmbH are rewarded with the "Großen Preis des Mittelstandes" (Grand prize for the mid-size companies) awarded by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation.

The company Auhagen can look back on "50 years of model building tradition". An extensive exhibit of the history of the company is set up to mark this anniversary. Interested parties may visit this at any time. 29 staff are employed and further tool makers are trained.

12. August 2002
All of Saxony is hit by flooding. This time Auhagen GmbH remains largely protected as a result of extensive investment in flood protection.

With highly qualified employees and use of the latest technology, the Auhagen team offers everything under one roof: tools and moulds, including construction, design and pre-press as well as finishing, packaging and sending. We are the end-producers in the area of model railway accessories, from the idea through to wholesale trade.

15. April 2005
The company Auhagen is awarded the "Architekturpreis" (Architecture prize) in Dortmund to mark the 10th anniversary of the Modellbahnverband in Deutschland e. V. (MOBD - Model Railway Association in Germany).

20. and 21. August 2005
We celebrate the 120 year anniversary of the company with the “3rd Auhagen Open Day". About 5,000 guests arrived from near and far. A particular visitor magnet was Hagen von Ortloff, the presenter of the "Eisenbahn-Romantik" television series.

September 2006
We offer training in new professions. An Office Administrator and a Process Technician for plastics technology commence training.

The number of core staff members increases to 33. We guarantee that Auhagen products are 100 percent manufactured in Germany. All of the work is carried out at the Marienberg-Hüttengrund site. We primarily obtain materials from Germany and countries in the European Community.

February 2008
Our catalogue no. 10 is issued. The first catalogue in 1990 only had 8 pages. Our customers can now choose from a variety of products on 206 pages. We simultaneously launch our new internet presence. We now also present ourselves in English and Czech, along with many other innovations.

May 2008
"Das goldene Gleis 2008" ("The golden track 2008") award
We are awarded 1st place in the product of the year category for our article "large coal bunkering system TT". This was chosen by the readers of the Modelleisenbahner, Eisenbahnjournal, MIBA and Züge magazines.

4. and 5. September 2010
Auhagen celebrates its 125 year anniversary. Over 7,000 model railway fans visit the production site in the Hüttengrund. Many travelled by rail. An extra special stop was arranged for this event - fondly called "AUHAGEN railway station"

1. February 2012
Auhagen launches its new internet presence and issues catalogue no. 12.
31. May 2017
Auhagen is known for making model train accessories, but we do much more, too. That’s why Auhagen's turning blue! The blue Auhagen logo, along with “Precision and Service,” represents out plastic injection moulding, tool and mould making, and cardboard packaging divisions. We hosted an in-house exhibition. 
January 2018
The Auhagen range continues to expand. There are 307 pages in our new catalogue (No. 15) and 12 in our product news brochure. Never before have we presented so many attractive new items in a single year.

July 2019 - Change of ownership
The managing partner hands over the baton to Markus Hillig and Robert Werner. Both have been with the company for over 20 years and have contributed greatly to the successful development of the company. Ute Hofmann-Auhagen retires.

Marienberg, 16. September 2019
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