Designing a level crossing

Handicraft tip

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This construction project only requires the parts from item 41 604 that are depicted in the photograph. The rest can stay in the spare parts box for now. You also don’t need the plastic parts for gluing the railway crossing signs if you choose this more refined version.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 02


The back side of the decoration sheet with the railway crossing signs should be painted with grey watercolour paint prior to cutting out the crosses. 
When the paper is dry, weight it down with a flat, heavy object to smooth out the wrinkles.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 03


Then cut out the railway crossing signs precisely with a sharp pair of scissors or utility knife.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 04


Glue the railway crossing signs to steel or brass wire with cyanoacrylate glue. Use the glue sparingly. A reference line is drawn on the base sheet to help ensure that the post and the railway crossing sign are affixed straight to one another.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 05


The result looks great! On the left you see the original parts that were used with concrete posts in the former East Germany, and on the right the delicate self-made version replicating the galvanised steel signposts used today.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 06


The gudgeons fitted for attaching the railway crossing barrier parts to the base plate are not needed here and need to be removed first with wire cutters.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 07


Now all the parts of the railway crossing barrier need to be temporarily positioned and their positions marked for gluing. To attach the parts, use UHU Universal Adhesive item 53 514 or UHU Superglue
item 53 515.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 08


Loading planks made of small stained wooden strips look very realistic.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 09


In the original, wooden wedges, usually cut from beams, ensured that unsecured couplings did not get hung up on track inserts. Small wooden wedges can also be used to replicate this detail in the model.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 10


The track insert looks even more realistic if it is aged with black watercolour paint. First brush out the paint from the brush on scrap paper and then dab the plank lengthwise until it looks authentically dirty.
Basteltipp Bahnübergang 11


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