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The Auhagen model railway accessories catalog No. 15 is valid for 2018/2019. Do you also want a catalog? Quite simply, you have many options:
  • Visit your local dealer and take a catalog.
  • Order your catalog with your next order in the Auhagen online shop simply and free of charge.
  • Order the catalog for the price of 4,00 Euro plus 4,00 Euro Postage (Germany) simply and conveniently using our form online.

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valid from 29.01.2019
Auhagen price list 2019 (pdf 277.8 kB)

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Planning aid brochure

Planning aid brochure for Auhagen Modular System

The planning aid brochures currently comprise six books, including a copy template and shopping list. Each issue costs only 1,00 Euro plus shipping costs in the amount of 3,00 Euro (Germany). Order the planning aids right away with your catalog and save postage.

The brochure No. 7 will be published in 09/2019.
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The Auhagen model railway accessories planning aids provide you with many suggestions and tips on the Auhagen modular system - including a detailed description of all basic models and individual items of the modular system (H0).

Or check out the planning aids online as a PDF.
Download brochure No. 1 (pdf 7.2 MB)
Download brochure No. 2 (pdf 3.9 MB)
Download brochure No. 3 (pdf 7.4 MB)
Download brochure No. 4 (pdf 2.2 MB)
Download brochure No. 5 (pdf 4.4 MB)
Download brochure No. 6 (pdf 3 MB)

Copy templates and shopping lists

We have provided a handicraft tip to show you the best way of working with the copy template.
Download copy templates (pdf 7.7 MB)
Designing and planning made easy.

As a real hobby architect you need an idea first. This is often inspired by buildings in your surroundings or by discoveries on holiday trips. But you can also let your imagination run wild.

Then the planning starts! A copy template is enclosed all time in the last version of the planning aid brochure. All basic components are illustrated 1:1. After you have decided on the perfect parts for your project you can simply copy the required amount. If the paper model does not meet your expectations you can make the necessary change at no cost. Complete the shopping list once everything is perfect.
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