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For hobby architects and builders

We present the unique Auhagen Modular System.

Use the Auhagen Modular System to change the H0 basic models in any number of ways or design your own projects. Our Auhagen Modular System is unique in Europe.

Be the architect and the builder! Plan individual buildings and implement your own building projects. The Auhagen Modular System can be used to design your own factories, warehouses or schools depending on the space you have available.

We considerably expand our range since we introduced this innovative idea.

Customised buildings in 3 steps:

It's that easy!


First step:

How much space do you have?

You have the option of designing basic models without making any changes.

Or, if you have more space, you can also change or extend the kits using the module design.
Second Step

Second step:

Plan your buildings.

The no. 80 series is perfect for customised extensions. Walls, doors, windows, roofs and much more can be purchased individually.
The series also includes accessories such as ventilation and extraction systems, external staircases, window grilles, etc.
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Third step:

Get started!

Realising an personalised idea becomes a real experience if you use the items in the 80 series to build "your factory" or "your school".

All parts are compatible with each other.

The Auhagen Modular System:

The optimal entry point for the Auhagen Modular System


Basic Models

The optimal entry point for the Auhagen modular system

Regardless of whether your interest in model building has only recently been awakened or whether it has been a while since you last pursued your hobby, the basic models of our modular system are the perfect starting point.

All parts including decorations and the like are included in the kit. The colours match the illustration.

The building instructions visually clarify every step. The absolute precision of the parts also makes assembly a pleasure. You are guided safely through to your goal!
to the basic models

Introduction to the Auhagen Modular System

For the individual model construction.
Unique in Europe.


All components are divided into 3 categories:

basic components|build-in parts|attachment parts


Basic components

Change the Auhagen basic models in any number of ways - design personalised building projects

Have you become more ambitious?

Then decide whether you just want to change and/or extend the basic model or whether you want to convert a specific idea or a building from your imagination into a model.
to the basic components

Built-in parts

Windows, doors and gates help shape the shell

You have taken a huge step forward on the path to an customised building model. Have you already held the topping out ceremony?

The different built-in parts are elements that define the appearance of your model.
to the build-in parts

Attachment parts

Now it's about the detail. This is heaps of fun!

Your building is complete. Your workshop is basically ready for use and operations can begin in the production building. But your building only becomes unique when details are added. Set the scene perfectly with external staircases, pipelines and ventilation systems.

Even items that are not integrated into the modular system make fantastic additions. 
to the attachment parts

Designing and planning made easy:

Planning aid brochure|copy templates|shopping lists


Are you looking for more ideas?

Planing aid brochure 1-5

You can find help and numerous suggestions in our free brochures, which provide detailed descriptions of all the basic modules and individual items in the kit system.
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Download planning aid brochure 1 (pdf 7.2 MB)
Download planning aid brochure 2 (pdf 3.9 MB)
Download planning aid brochure 3 (pdf 7.4 MB)
Download planning aid brochure 4 (pdf 2.2 MB)
Download planning aid brochure 5 (pdf 4.4 MB)
Planungshilfen 1-5

Copy templates and shopping lists

Designing and planning made easy

As a real hobby architect you need an idea first. This is often inspired by buildings in your surroundings or by discoveries on holiday trips. But you can also let your imagination run wild.

Then the planning starts! A copy template is enclosed all time in the last version of the planning aid brochure. All basic components are illustrated 1:1. After you have decided on the perfect parts for your project you can simply copy the required amount. If the paper model does not meet your expectations you can make the necessary change at no cost.

Only complete the shopping list once everything is perfect.

We have provided a handicraft tip to show you the best way of working with the copy template.
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