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universal handicraft tips

Handicraft church 11 405

Color design and lighting of the church

Designing of an asphalt road

Designing of an asphalt road

Handicraft tip building a wooden bridge

Building a wooden bridge

Handicraft tip working with Lasercut

Working with Lasercut

Handicraft tip plants such as the gardener

Plants such as the gardener

Handicraft tip conifers made easy

Conifers made easy

Handicraft tip town house variation

Town house variation

Handicraft tip designing a level crossing

Designing a level crossing


Installation of railway track with track lane crossing

Basteltipp Einbau von Kabelkanälen

Installation of cable ducts

Basteltipp Sandweg

Designing of a sand path


Customizing a bridge

Basteltipp Gleisbohlen und Gleiseinlagen

Track sleepers and trackages


For hobby architects and builders.

Handicraft tips for modular system


Working with the copy template


Basics - Part 1 and 2


Aging walls

Innenwände gestalten

Design of interior walls


Working with Lasercut


Window, door and gate


Manhole with pipes

Basteltipp Produktionsgebäude aufstocken

Increase of production building


Portal crane

Maschinenhaus für Fahrstuhl

Machine house that hosts an elevator

Basteltipp Schornstein mit Umgehungsbühne

Chimney with bypass platform

Zwei Gebäude aneinander bauen

Build two buildings together

Basteltipp Schornstein mit Rauchgenerator

Chimney with smoke generator


Aging and expansion tank


Adding a floor to a building ...

Eignung Gleissysteme


You have chosen a new model? Check here whether it is appropriate for your platform.
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TT (pdf 1.6 MB)
N (pdf 1 MB)

Handicraft tip 10

Chimney with bypass platform


Handicraft tip 9

Customizing a bridge


Handicraft tip 8

Designing a sand path


Handicraft tip 7

Narrow gauge part 2


Handicraft tip 6

Narrow gauge part 1


Handicraft tip 5

Designing a level crossing


Handicraft tip 4

Conifers made ​​easy
Tutorial for beginners & professionals


Handicraft tip 3

Building a wooden bridge
Tutorial for beginners & professionals


Handicraft tip 2

Working with Lasercut
Tutorial for beginners & professionals


Handicraft tip 1

Designing of an asphalt road


Large coaling

From our Auhagen series
»Models and their role models«
Part 1/3


The smalll village church

From our Auhagen series
»Models and their role models«
Part 2/3


Small farm

From our Auhagen series
»Models and their role models«
Part 3/3


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